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Wing seat is a new type of follow-up saddle, which makes cycling circular movement serialized and active.
Firstly, the mechanical follow-up device eliminates the side reaction force produced by the fixed saddle and the rider from the kinematics, releases the unnecessary negative force, increases the forward force, and thus improves the performance of the cycling competition. Let the rider move around.
Secondly, the low damping of mechanical bearing rotation is used to replace the high damping negative sliding friction between fixed saddle and buttock, which can further reduce the energy loss.
Third, the follow-up function makes the traditional shape of the wing seat cushion revolutionary change, the support area increases, the pressure decreases, the perineum area is completely vacuum, so that the disputes between the saddle and the rider's health can be resolved.
Fourth, optimize the feeling of cycling, further improve the enthusiasm of cyclists, thereby increasing individual riding mileage, increasing the number of cycling groups, stimulating bicycles, dynamic bicycles, cycling platform, booster bicycles and other industries to upgrade consumption, to help the industry.


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