Recommendation of a Super Simple and Practical Vehicle Bicyc


 When a riding companion enters an environment where he can burn his passion, speed and power will surge and the universe will burst.

Vehicle transportation between departure and destination is the key. A small DIY device can be simple, stable and safe on-board bicycles.
The basic equipment we need to carry is the two beams of the luggage rack or the luggage frame. The principle is the same. Today, we take the picture of the luggage frame as an example. The advantage is that it does not affect the usual commuting. We can also mix self-driving and cross-country exploration.
Fig. 2. First of all, we only need to buy three elevator buckles online, buckle a large number of treasures, measure the size of the cross beam on our car, choose the appropriate size buckles, aluminum alloy material is good, lightweight, anti-corrosion, the whole rainy season does not need to disassemble.
Installation is simple, 1 inverted bicycle, 2, triangular fixed.
Fixed handlebars in front of the beam, actual measurement of size and position. Easy-to-disassemble snaps are all made by Easy-to-disassemble.
Remove seat tube, fix rear wheel and center rear wheel. If two cars use six buckles, the front and back of the vehicle are placed. After returning, only the bicycle is disassembled, and the clasp is not disassembled, so it is convenient to use next time.
With such convenience and convenience, you can set out for happiness.


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