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Wing seat is a new type of saddle with follow-up and no pressure. It is suitable for all-terrain mountain bikes, highway bikes, traveling cars, electric-powered traveling cars, dynamic bicycles, pedal platforms and other two-wheel, multi-wheel bicycles with pedal movement function.
Advantage one, buttock seats in one, reverse fit buttocks, larger area of force, buttock pressure is smaller.
Second, the perineum area is hollow, so it is really safe to ride and harmless to ride.
Third, the follow-up system participates in pedal movement, the cushion has no reaction force, releases the body muscle energy, and the kinetic energy conversion rate is higher. Restrict the redundant rotation angle, control flexibility and organic coordination.
Fourth, the automatic reset system makes the seat more convenient to use.
Fifth, multi-size options, riding experience is better. 
Six hollow + silica gel, EVA foam, PU foam + leather coating, and many other retro, fashionable appearance, multi-functional production and processing, users can adapt to various road conditions, weather.
Advantages of Powered Travel Vehicle with Wing Seat:
First, in the electric drive mode, the wing seat has a larger ride area, more than three times the saddle area, lower hip pressure, no worries about riding, and is good for health. Medium and long distance sharp weapon.
Secondly, in the riding mode, the servo system participates in pedaling, which has high conversion rate of kinetic energy, lightness and flexibility. Sports elements are more prominent.
Third, in the mode of simultaneous access of power and manpower, the damping of axle rotation system is almost zero, the mechanical elements and motion elements are effectively combined, the human-vehicle integration, the sense of speed, participation and control are prominent.


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