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Based on the physical protection of our riders and in order to make cyclists more unrestrained into the fun of the sport. Our rider enthusiasts and designers are integrated into Ergonomics
Carefully polished hundreds of days and nights, this product breaks through the traditional wing seat, perfectly balances industrial aesthetics and human-computer interaction, and brings you unprecedented riding experience.


Released Negativity

Release unnecessary negativity
Increased momentum for progress

Negative sliding friction

Low resistance instead of high resistance
Reduce physical loss even more

Healthy cycling

With the increase of support area, the stress pressure decreases.
Complete vacuum of perineal region

Corporate Culture 翼座文化
         Why is a wing seat called a wing seat? Why should we create such a work? While our riders are more and more pursuing the pleasure of cycling, we also enjoy the pleasure of healthy exercise. But most of the fixed seats on the market only focus on the appearance of fashion. According to the survey, when people sit in ordinary chairs, the weight of the body usually does not press on the perineum. When sitting on a bicycle seat, most of the body's weight falls on the perineum, generating seven times as much pressure as sitting on a regular chair.

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